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Masked man enters the Theatre of are there any canada goose outlet stores Dreams

“Old Trafford might be the Theatre of Dreams but that perennial bid story has finally become a reality. Well, almost,” said the Independent’s Jeremy Warner, after Manchester United confirmed it had been approached by an unnamed potential bidder.

Despite the cloak of anonymity, no one appeared to doubt Malcolm Glazer was the mystery bidder. The canada goose coat – kensington 76-year-old US businessman – who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers American football team – had been stalking United for more than a year. He recently increased his stake in the club to more than 19%.

Neil Collins, in the Daily Telegraph, wondered why anyone would buy a football club. “The pleasures of winning are fleeting, the criticism from the fans relentless and the opportunities for making a decent return on the investment close to non-existent,” he said.

But the Wall Street Journal Europe’s Breaking Views column felt it was time someone made a bid for United. “For more than 18 months now, a motley crew of rich men have been quietly building big stakes in [the club],” it said. JP McManus and John Magnier, for example, own almost 29% of the shares. The Irish horseracing tycoons will be “pivotal” in any bid, said the Daily Mail. “Analysts reckoned that they will sell if Mr Glazer offers more than £3 a share.”

United’s share price jumped more than 5% on Monday, raising the value of the club to £675m. The price eased 0.55% to 269.5p by the end of Tuesday. Mr Glazer would have to offer between £700m and £800m to capture the club, agreed the papers.

But if best canada goose jacket reddit the US businessman is in “the driving seat, he had better make peace with the fans as soon as canada goose coat – kensington he can – even … Rupert Murdoch found them a handful”, said Stephen Khan in the Daily Express, noting the media mogul’s failed £624m bid in 1999. “It would buy canada goose jacket usa not do the image of Manchester United as a world brand any favours” if there were regular matchday demonstrations, he added.

Protests were a strong possibility, said the Manchester Evening News. “The Independent Manchester United Supporters Association has warned that ‘direct action’ will form part of the strategy aimed at preventing the American multi-millionaire from gaining control of the club,” said the paper.

But because of stock exchange rules, the fans can do little to prevent the takeover, explained the Daily Mail. Mr Glazer only needs 50% of United plc plus one share to succeed, and “UK listing rules allow [him] to cancel shares anyway.”

“This time [the fans] are unlikely to be helped by the Monopolies Commission,” said the Independent. The supporters have a right to question whether Mr Glazer is right for United, it added, but “it is naive of canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet them to reject commercialisation.”

Martin Samuel, in the Times visit, agreed. “Memo to Manchester United fans: welcome to the free market,” he wrote. “No sporting organisation in Britain has so ruthlessly exploited market forces as Manchester United plc. Laissez-faire capitalism has brought them the biggest canada goose coat 1000 calorie diet ground, the most expensive players, a global fanbase and a commercial arm second to none. It made the club the most dominant force and loudest voice in English football,” but now leaves it vulnerable to takeover, said Samuel.

But the Wall Street Journal Europe warned yesterday that Mr Glazer should not canada goose coat 1000 bulbs free ignore the fans. “Even if only 8% of shareholders vote against the bid, he wouldn’t be able to squeeze them out,” it noted. “He would be stuck with disgruntled average cost canada goose jacket minority. What’s more, Manchester United depends on its fans best canada goose jacket for women for revenue. Without their purchasing power the soccer club would not be as profitable as it is.”

Mr Glazer still has to woo Mr McManus and Mr Magnier, it continued. “If Mr Glazer has to pay up to get this speculative pair on board, it might be enough to sway even the greed of the most ardent Manchester United fan.”

But who would be the beneficiaries of the latest takeover speculation? “The smart money in this soap opera” is on Mr McManus and Mr Magnier, “who have outmanoeuvred everyone, and now they seem poised to collect their winnings”, concluded Collins in the Telegraph.

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